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  • Does theater bag come to us in the facility?
    Yes, we are happy to come to your facility or another location of your choice. Since 2004 we have been playing in kindergartens, toddler groups, schools, after-school clubs, community centers etc. A large room is sufficient for many of our performances, and blackout is usually not necessary. Call us or send us an email for more information:
  • What age groups does Theater Tüte play shows for?
    Most of the plays are designed for children aged 1 and over. However, we also have pieces for older children: The Wichtelkinder - from 4 years (English or German version) Bullerbü comes to visit - from 6 years The pieces for children from 1 year are also suitable for older children, as the children perceive the pieces very differently. Depending on individual needs, we play for children aged 1 to 3 years, from 3 to 6 years or for mixed age groups (up to and including 10 years).
  • What is special about theater for children from the age of 1? What is different?
    The performances of Theater Tüte are the first theater experience for many small children - we want to ensure that the child remembers this experience as fearlessly and joyfully as possible. The players are very sensitive when dealing with the children, they know exactly when they need to muster more or less energy or take a little more time, etc. The barrier between the players and the spectators is in this age group special – it is more delicate, more open and sometimes more chaotic. Theater Tüte would like to keep in direct contact with the little spectators while playing and to explore further, so that the spectators can also influence what is happening. This makes every performance unique, both for the players and for the spectators. The narrative thread in plays for the little ones is a little different than usual, you can imagine it more like a collage in which many small stories are told on a topic. The advantage of this is that the children do not get bored, they are always given new impulses so that their attention is further stimulated.
  • Are the plays for children from the age of 1 also suitable for children from the age of 5 or 6?
    Yes! Children perceive the pieces very differently at each age level. Theater Tüte has been putting on the same performance for mixed groups aged 1 to 6, sometimes even 1 to 10, since 2004.
  • Does Theater Tüte have its own theater?
    No. We are a small mobile theater and don't have a permanent home. We often play in other theaters and cultural centers and cultural clubs in the Hanover region and in Lower Saxony. Theater Tüte plays both public and private events.
  • Where do you usually play?
    We usually play our public performances regularly at the following locations (if it's not Corona): Lister Tower, Hanover-ListKulturtreff Vahrenheide, HanoverZWO/ the backstage, Hannover-SüdstadtChildren's Theater House / Klecks Theater, Hanover-SüdstadtThe gymnasium, Hanover-LindenThe Citizens' School, Hanover-Nordstadt Theater wrede+, Oldenburg Playground (Theaterhaus), Hildesheim.
  • Are there any public performances at the moment due to the pandemic?
    No, due to the pandemic we cannot offer any public performances at the moment, as the risk is too great that they will not take place. We will inform you as soon as public events are possible again. You can still book us for closed performances. Call us or send us an email for more information:
  • Does Theater Tüte offer events despite Corona?
    Yes, we would be happy to come to you with a piece or a workshop of your choice. Our employees are fully vaccinated and we comply with the current distance and hygiene rules. We always have different subsidies, so we sometimes have the opportunity to offer performances at lower prices etc. Please contact us or subscribe to our newsletter.
  • What does the future of Theater Tüte look like? What has changed during the pandemic?
    We continue to diligently submit applications for further financial support. Before Corona, in addition to various grants, we also generated our income through ticket sales and workshops. Workshops have not been possible since the beginning of the pandemic, we completely lack this income. At the moment we can only finance ourselves through various grants. Of course, we are also very grateful for further financial support during this difficult time. You can find out how you can help us under the question: Is it possible to support Theater Tüte financially? THANKS!
  • Can children's theater be interactive in times of the pandemic?
    Yes, we believe it's possible! Although it is a great challenge for us to continue doing interactive theater in these times, we want to continue this approach and explore further. In our latest production "Where the snow grows" we had to leave well-known paths and embrace new challenges. The play was conceived in the pandemic situation, so the children have different opportunities to play than in the other plays. But we have it done.
  • How are the performances of Theater Tüte going during Corona?
    The pandemic situation not only poses great challenges for us, but also for the facilities where we usually play. We are really very grateful that we continue to be booked. Of course, we always adhere to the current corona measures. Our team is fully vaccinated and tested before each performance. Before, during and after the performance we keep enough distance to the groups.
  • Is it possible to support Theater Tüte financially during the pandemic?
    Yes, with pleasure. You can transfer any donation to our account. We would be very happy about that! Account details: Theater bag IBAN: DE60110101002867004600 BIC: SOBKDEBBXXX If you need a donation receipt, please contact us.
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